Sabhekar: Shattering stereotypes with Specially Abled People and Illuminating the ramp

Sabhekar: Shattering stereotypes with Specially Abled People and Illuminating the ramp

In the world of fashion industry, where trends and styles often take center stage, there is a revolution quietly unfolding. It's a revolution that goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's about inclusivity, diversity, and breaking stereotypes.
Sabhekar Design Studio, based in Ranchi, Jharkhand India, is renowned for its custom clothing service, casual dresses and fusion wear that beautifully merges traditional tribal clothing with contemporary designs.

As Sabhekar collaborated with Project Sarthak under the guidance of NGO Parivartan, we were part of  a unique fashion show event held at Jharkhand Adivasi Mohatsav 2023 with our specially-abled Adivasi individuals and celebrating the rich heritage of Adivasi tribal clothing.
Sabhekar embarked on a mission to bring specially abled individuals to the forefront of the fashion world.

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Breaking Barriers with Specially Abled People

In a world where the definition of beauty has often been narrow and rigid, Sabhekar is trying their best in rewriting the narrative. Our belief is that true beauty lies in individuality and that every person, regardless of their physical abilities, deserves a chance to shine. By casting specially abled Adivasi people in the shows and campaigns, we are not only making a powerful statement but also redefining what it means to be a model.

The partnership with Sarthak (NGO Parivartan) has opened doors for talented individuals who might have otherwise been overlooked in the fashion industry. These people bring a unique charm and charisma to the runway, proving that diversity in fashion is not just a buzzword but a celebration of humanity's many facets.

Showcasing Adivasi Tribal Clothing in a Modern Context Designed & Created by Sabhekar

One special thing about Sabhekar is its strong connection to the Tribal & Adivasi culture of Jharkhand. The clothes we make show the culture and history of the region. We use traditional designs, patterns, and fabrics that come from the Adivasi tribal communities. We even use a special saree fabric called Motiya with Sohrai Painting elements on it. We also make custom clothes that are unique and different from what you usually find in fashion and each garment showcased in this fashion event was custom made keeping in mind the disabilities and comfort of each person.

Sabhekar cares about keeping tribal clothing alive, and it shows where we come from. We also show that we care about doing fashion in a good way. We mix traditional things with modern style, making tribal fashion look fresh and new.

The Future of Fashion: Inclusivity and Authenticity

In a world where most people tend to be the same, Sabhekar is doing something different. They are showing the importance of including everyone and being true to oneself. We works with people who have special abilities and focuses on clothing from tribal cultures.
This shows that fashion can go beyond borders and share unique stories.

Sabhekar's journey is more than just about clothes. It's a movement that breaks stereotypes, shows diversity on the runway, and celebrates the beauty of people being themselves. This fashion brand proves that fashion can be a strong force for change and a way for anyone to express themselves, no matter who they are or where they come from. As Sabhekar keeps pushing the boundaries and changing the fashion world, it encourages all of us to celebrate real beauty, diversity, and our cultural heritage. 

We're passionate and ready to collaborate with NGOs and other organisations for more such events. Let us weave your cause into our creative threads by designing captivating garments for your models or representatives, celebrating the beauty of tradition.

Let's create a lasting impact through fashion!
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