Our Story

Established just two years ago, our venture is a proud homage to culture, language, and a profound love for personalised fashion. Beyond being a mere designer boutique, our fashion design studio is a dynamic space where creativity fuses with culture, transforming your fashion aspirations into tangible realities with the help of our talented artists and fashion designers.

Our Roots

In the local Nagpuri language, "Sabhekar" translates to "Belongs to all of us," a powerful reflection of our commitment to inclusivity. We invite you to interpret our brand in your unique way, making Sabhekar an exceptionally versatile and genuinely inclusive platform. 

Our brand logo is a visual testament to our commitment to fostering innovation in the realms of custom and ready-made fashion, much like the state flower of Jharkhand - the Palash Flower. The flower that thrives in adversity, Sabhekar envisions a world where your style flourishes against all odds.

What Sets Us Apart ?

Whether you're seeking tailor-made garments, custom made clothes that resonate with your unique style or ready-made clothes featuring playful and quirky prints, we cater to a wide spectrum of fashion preferences. At Sabhekar, we specialise in intricate hand embroidery,showcasing a diverse range of beads, sequences, threads and embellishments along with custom made clothes, unique jewelries, hair accessories and many more.

Our Commitments

Central to our studio is an unwavering commitment to providing a personalised clothing experience. Our skilled artisans and fashion designers work diligently to bring your visions to life. It goes beyond mere fashion for us; we are dedicated to curating a wardrobe that reflects your individual style and personality.

In addition to our bespoke clothing offerings, Sabhekar extends its services to include rental clothing and exquisite jewelries for rent and purchase. Whether you're looking for that perfect gown for a gala, lehenga for wedding or a set of stunning accessories to complement your outfit, we have a range of options to suit your needs.

Be a part of our Sartorial Journey

Join us in weaving your unique fashion narrative, ensuring that every moment is a tapestry of elegance and personal expression. Be a part of our inclusive journey, where every creation, in true accordance with our name, belongs to all of us.