Feb 27, 2022: The Open Field

Feb 27, 2022: The Open Field

Sabhekar! And a SUNNY SUNDAY well spent!

Sunny Sunday brought upon Sabhekar a whole new feat, with the first ever Farm Flea, being organized by The Open Field, on the 27th of February, 2022.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/106524424907006/posts/295643045995142/?sfnsn=wiwspmo

The entire event was a magnificent success, with excellent food, upbeat music, and healthful things to fill one's day and shopping bags with, with local entrepreneurs from Ranchi present their expertise and wares!

The Sabhekar stall, which featured a wide range of culturally influenced products such as clips, bows, jewellery, earrings, and masks and played contemporary tunes, was a huge hit.

With their diverse colours of airy blue and pansy yellow, the earrings and jewellery are a collection of authentic art, much like the many flowers on sale in the booths!

The entire event was super fascinating, with many types of contrasting designs and culturally significant products being highlighted not only by Sabhekar, but by every stall there!

Everything was just right, exactly as a flea market should be! With music, exquisite food, and Sabhekar's and everyone else's most beautiful things on exhibit!