Dec 22-29, 2021: Shyla at Miss Teen Diva

Dec 22-29, 2021: Shyla at Miss Teen Diva

This ensemble has been taken from the collection पुष्प गुच्छ. Given a glam look by adding headgear, a shoulder piece inspired by the mahua flower and a cape of hand-painted Sohrai, Shyla's outfit overall represents the art and culture of Jharkhand. 

"Jharkhand - The land of forest and tribes”, its rich tribal culture has unique and vibrant expression of taste and style.

The costume is made of traditional handloom saree of Jharkhand known as Motiya saree worn by several tribes of Jharkhand, which enrich the history of Jharkhand’s culture. This costume endorses the generations of the weavers weaving this beautiful cotton saree.

Inspired by Mahua flower the garment is beautified with intricate hand embroidery. The blend of modern and contemporary look with traditional attire, represents the power of modern women as she perfectly blends with each and every aspect of the situation in her life. The colour red and white represents the ferocious, graceful essence of women hood.

The costume has been adorned with the traditional jewellery which depicts the nature, culture, style and simplicity of its people. It has also been adorned by the art of Godna (the tatoo) which gives as identification marks that distinguish individual from individual giving us our own identity.

Whole attire has authentic pot rail of different art forms of Jharkhand the slender, strong and supple bamboo crafts and the indigenous art of Sohrai painting.

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